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18ct Gold Vermeil on Sterling Silver & Lapis Lazuli

With classic clean lines, this striking 18ct gold vermeil cuff delivers the powerful energy of lapis lazuli with exquisite modern design. Each lapis lazuli is hand-cut to reveal a luxurious dusting of gold from the naturally occurring mineral pyrite, making every piece truly unique.

An ancient symbol of truth and wisdom worn by those on the path to enlightenment, use yours as a daily reminder to connect to your inner voice and to always know and speak your truth. And wear fabulous jewelry while you’re at it.

Beautiful worn alone as a statement piece, or stacked for an eclectic style. Consider this piece your partner in clearing emotional clutter, in a more luxurious package than your therapist!

  • Handmade
  • 18ct gold plated
  • Sterling silver
  • Hand-cut semi-precious lapis lazuli stone
  • Luxury box and a travel pouch 
  • One (mindfully) adjustable size
  • Diameter 46mm x 56mm opening 26mm
  • Stone measures 25mm x 7mm
  • Variations: this stone is embellished with naturally occurring minerals and metals, giving it unique white-and-gold-specks-on-deep-blue pattern, so every piece will be truly individual and not exactly as shown in the picture.
  • 1-year warranty