“Mindfulness isn’t difficult. We just need to remember to do it.” -Sharon Saltzberg

We’ve all been on that journey to master the art of mindfulness, whether up mountain tops, during our weekly yoga class or on a mat at a dreamy beach resort. That feeling of purely being in the now.

But we can’t always be on a retreat. We leave those safe spaces and become list-makers, managers, superheroes, partners, mothers and busy commuters again.

GOLD & CIRCLE’s concept of mindful jewellery was born from our very own search for inner connection and meaning and our quest to make it a lasting one once away from Bali and back to London’s hectic routine.

The question always is ‘How can we be happy and inspired living our current lives as opposed to being overwhelmed, drained and constantly wanting?’ And the answer always remains the same ‘Mindfulness. Inner connection. Be here now’.

GOLD & CIRCLE’s ethos is to create meaningful luxury pieces, which serve as reminders that everything you need is already within you. We have made it our mission to create modern life-enhancing jewellery to facilitate your journey; a unique mixture of exquisite elegant cuffs that belong in your daily life while carrying deeper significance.  Our name, GOLD & CIRCLE, is a symbolic representation of the two aspects we are uniting: prosperity and success and wholeness and totalness.

We are proud to dedicate our work to the modern woman and her desire to live her best life.